Federal Income Tax

Understanding how income is taxed on the federal level can become complicated with so many guidelines to follow. Do you know what is your income bracket or applicable rate?.

Tax and Business Resources we will understand your situation and walk with you through the process as easily and efficiently as possible. We will discuss the income that is taxable as well as deductions that apply.


State Income Tax

State Tax is an additional tax imposed to individuals by the local government. In which the resident resides. North Carolina State tax is based on many factors, and is important to understand the terms that are applicable to you. At Tax and Business Resources we will make this process easy to understand and less tedious.


Personal Tax

Whether its property tax, assessments or other assets that fall under the taxable jurisdiction of the county or city you reside, we can help you file and understand the inner workings.


Business Tax

Keeping your tax records up to date is important for the success of your company. Understand what tax forms and rates are applicable to your corporation. Whether you have employees or subcontractors we facilitate all your business needs.

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“Preparing taxes is no longer a hassle”



Business Consulting

Are you new to business ownership or an experienced entrepreneur? At Tax and Business Resources we have the knowledge and experience to guide your company through important decisions.
Gathering from the accumulative knowledge of businesses from a plethora of market segments. Count on our resources and contacts to keep your business ahead in this economy.


Business Start up

Starting a business may seem overwhelming with all the variables to consider. At Tax and Business Resources we want you to have a pleasant experience. With our involvement and organization we can get you started without the stress of dealing with unnecessary obstacles.


Notary and Apostille

Need important documents notarized or apostilled? State commissioned we can certify the legitimacy of your documents for domestic or international affairs.



We can provide accurate translations for all types of documents.

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For small business to be constantly attentive on payroll can become tedious and time consuming. As part of our payroll services Tax and Business Resources will help you manage and organize using a system that is easy to track.


Accounts Receivable

Getting paid on time is paramount to keeping your company on track. At Tax and Business Resources our combination of services will enhance your billing cycle improving customer satisfaction and helping you get paid faster.


Bookkeeping Reconstruction

Are you an established company with an overwhelming amount of documents that need some structuring? We can help! Tax and Business Resources can reconstruct all relevant documents to keep your company organized.


Financial Statements Preparation

Customized and relevant information that helps you understand where your company stands financially. We can calculate profit and loss, where your expenditures and ingresses are. A detail balance sheet and income statement allows for a comprehensive understanding of your company financial needs .

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